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These are I think some beautiful pictures that a crazy me delete.....

Port and ría de Bilbao "AREETA" practical boat hull reinforced polyester, power 2 x 400 HP speed 23 knots, year 2002 construction, length 14,50 lift 4,18 strut 1.76 m m m

These are I think some beautiful pictures that a crazy me delete them of a famous website of engaged to teach the photos of the "shipspotter " like me good if you leave us some.

This noble hobby take pictures and make them a beautiful shots in top positions, this noble hobby is booming in different parts of Spain and part abroad as I, say all we dislike some shots such as for example these.

These problems typically spend not in all sites, because some are supported for all other single photos taken in different positions, for example don't support you the taken halfway, or which are not fully the ship, or who have obstacles of via.

Pages that are very saturated ships pictures tend to be very demanding in these aspects, and can also not upload photos that are stolen from other pages dedicated to accommodate these photographs.

There are people that are dedicated to control these increases, regarding if its quality is accepted for exhibition published, these are called image managers, sometimes do well but others are wrong, it is also discussed in the forums, but clear as the saying "to taste paint colors".

There are many people that we are dedicated to this and others which we incordian with a number of problems, such as that if name is not correct, in that if numeral not okay, of that if this and that if what another.

Then this the ideal solution is to make a blog that is very easy, and upload your photos without problems, and put everything you want to clear this inside of an order.

For there is another problem with your photos bone our photographs, such as when there is a story of international scope, the means of communication, the press we steal our pictures, but that funny not steal them our blog, if not that subtract of pages where we "Host" our beloved pictures in this case vessels, and policymakers make mutis through the Forum here step anything.

And on top of the seas say some written media that the photo is of such site and owner intellectual nothing of nothing, and when claiming or case.

Because this is one of the stories that make reference to this world of photography, and eventually there will be more, as I say "we will continue informing"

Editor-in-Chief: Javier Alonso (cx9aaw)

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