sábado, 20 de marzo de 2010

Patrullera CABALEIRO A19 Guardia Civil

Patrol Spanish Civil Guard
General technical features of the series

Length 30 meters

Beam 5.90 meters

3.40 meters Draft

2 Carterpillar Motors C30

Power 3100 hp

Displacement 85 tonnes

Propellers 2 hydrojets Hamilton

Maximum Speed 35 knots

Range 650 miles

Fuel 10,500 liters

Crew 10 people


Safeguarding the State Attorney.

Prevention and suppression of smuggling.

Ensuring and protecting archaeological sites and marine goods and other objects on the sea that make up the National Trust.

Nature conservation and environment.

Emigration and immigration.

Prevention and investigation of crime, public order and public safety and security of staff and facilities at sea, coasts and ports.

Providing aid in cases of serious risk or maritime disaster.

Control of weapons and explosives.

Custody of coasts and harbors.

Ensuring compliance with laws and general provisions, executing the order issued by the authorities in their respective areas of competence.
Those which, in its scope for action, and the means available may be mandated.

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