Research vessel 'Sarmiento de Gamboa' the jewel of the Spanish Crown....

Research vessel "Sarmiento de Gamboa"

 Research vessel 'Sarmiento de Gamboa' the jewel of the Spanish Crown departed from Vigo to taking the pulse of the Atlantic.
The Oceanographic "Sarmiento de Gamboa" early in the afternoon departed the port of Vigo with destination Las Palmas de Gran Canarias to continue loading gear then make consumption and load oceanographic equipment of last generation, it departed the next week to Santo Domingo to join the scientific Malaspina expedition, to study global change and biodiversity of the ocean.
It will begin the next 27th the second part of the campaign scientific Malaspina, to turn the world exploring its oceans.
This Spanish research vessel of last generation was built in the city of Vigo by naval constructions p. Freire as construction FREIRE NB-600
And launched on 30 January 2006 in the presence of her Majesty Queen Sofia.
Overall length 70.50 m. length 62.00 p.p. m. Manga 1550 m. plank to cover A 10.60 m. plank to cover higher 7.190 m. Prop covered main 5.00 m draught project 4.90 m. power and speed motors electrical D.C. D.C.2 x 1,200 kW knots 15.00 speed main generators 3 x 1.440 kW (retractable) transverse propeller 590 kW propeller of aft 350 kW fuel 573 m3 fresh water tanks 101 m3 stabilizing tanks 109 m3 fish cellars 15 m3 Tripulantes42 people (26 scientists)
Research vessel "Sarmiento de Gamboa"
The Sarmiento de Gamboa, is intended for research in waters of the Atlantic Ocean, its base lies in the port of Vigo (Galicia).


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